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Frederica Burt Wyatt Continues to be remembered

Nov 1, 2021

Local historian keeping the history of Kimble County alive

Frederica Burt Wyatt, renowned local historian, continues to be remembered in the countless ways she kept the history of Kimble County alive.  Her articles that Connie Sue Low (the current curator) refers to in the weekly newspaper, The Junction Eagle, are priceless.   The museum offers her articles for review in the genealogy center and her books are for sale.  A charter member of the Kimble County Historical Commission, Frederica Burt Wyatt became Curator of the Kimble County Historical Museum and was Chairman of the Board for many years.  She was Chairman Emeritus at the time of her death, Oct. of 2021.  We gratefully acknowledge her many years of contributions to the Kimble County Historical Commission and Museum and her tireless efforts on behalf of historical preservation.

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