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Junction, county seat of Kimble County,  is located in the magnificent  Texas Hill Country.  

Junction is so named because the two Llano rivers, North and South, join here to form the Main Llano.   Kimble County is known as the "Land of Living Waters" due to the abundant spring-fed creeks and tributaries that drain to the rivers.  Kimble County is the geographical halfway point on the Old Spanish Trail, the famous first completed southern route connecting Florida to California.  Two old OST posts mark the path on present day Main Street in Junction on the East side of the new museum's campus.  Today, Junction is still a great stopping point where the people are friendly and appreciate the natural beauty of the area.  

Kimble County was named after George C. Kimble who defended and died in the Alamo.  Our area was inhabited for many years by Indians and became a thieves' stronghold in the mid 1800's due to the hills and valleys providing the perfect hideaway.  Gradually, brave pioneers established their homesteads.  The abundant wildlife and beauty called those who sought a new way of life, especially after the Civil War.  The beginning settlement in the Llano River valley was Kimbleville (1876), then it relocated to the present location as Junction City in 1878.   In 1894, the "City" was  dropped and it became Junction, Texas.   London, Texas, in northeastern Kimble County, was a thriving community in the early days and still home to the renowned London Dance Hall.  Western county residents congregated in early day Cleo and Roosevelt.  The southwestern Telegraph community and old Post Office was a popular gathering spot for residents along the South Llano River.   The Coke R. Stevenson ranch is near Telegraph.  The more eastern hub of Kimble County was Segovia and Noxville. 


The museum depicts all this history so well.  We urge you to come see this unique and special museum, the official Kimble County Historical Museum commissioned by the county.  We continue to receive and answer requests for genealogical and other historical information and are always happy to share our archival information.  News of historical activities is available to the public on this site, the local newspaper, The Junction Eagle, Facebook, as well as items reported by the Chamber of Commerce, Junction  Economic Development Corporation and the Junction Tourism Board.  Official activities are also reported in the West Texas Historical Association e-news and often the San Angelo Standard Times.  Visit soon.  You will be  glad you did.

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