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  Come Visit the Museum
           Mon.- Fri.
       9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Sat. by Apt. 1-4 p.m.
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The Texas Ranger Bicentennial Celebration   is commemorated locally with a collection  of pictures and relics on loan from Rob Roy Spiller.  Come to the museum to view this great new display during regular business hours at the museum!  A special historical program about this famous group will be given by the Texas Rangers soon!

Gift shop now open. T-shirts, history books, pictures and other memorabilia for sale!

Visit the museum to see the newest display of Texas Sheep Shearing artifacts and pictures.  Plans are in progress to build a replica of a shearing shed so a more in depth historical story can be told.  

The annual 700 Springs Tour was once again a success!   On May 20, 2023, a large group signed up and traveled along the scenic South Llano to the Lee Pfluger ranch and the beautiful springs.  This tour and historical program has been going on over 21 yrs.  We are grateful to Mr. Lee Pfluger for sharing this beautiful Hill Country Landmark with us.


Two old OST markers are preserved on the  KCHC campus in Junction.  

Nancy Nunns in the New Orleans Flower District.  She presented the program "Tourism - The Legacy of the Old Spanish Trail" to the OST Conference.


Mark Jacoby, left, offers thanks to God for this glorious and most peaceful place on the South Llano River.  He and Museum Curator, Connie Sue Low gave the program and history about the area and falls.

The Old Spanish Trail, the first southern major route from Florida to California, continues the 10 year celebration. Kimble County sent local museum representatives in March to New Orleans to the next conference. Nancy Nunns gave a program on our local OST participation and the influence that tourism has had and continues to have on our town and county!

Yes,  there were buffalo right here in Kimble County and we have a wonderful relic skull found after a flood near the Junction cemetery!

Kimble Museum Hosted Book Review! 
Junction is on the cover and pictures of our town and area are found throughout the new book, The Old Spanish Trail Highway in Texas.   
Author James Collett highlights historical local culture in his new pictorial book.  This book may be purchased at the museum for $25.


October is Texas Archeological Month.  Come and see the wonderful local exhibits from our area.  The C.A.S.P. kids will be coming for an educational program and a "dig".   Watch for pictures!

Frederica Burt Wyatt, renowned local historian, continues to be remembered in the countless ways she kept the history of Kimble County alive.  Her articles that Connie Sue Low (the current curator) refers to in the weekly newspaper, The Junction Eagle, are priceless.   The museum offers her articles for review in the genealogy center and her books are for sale.  A charter member of the Kimble County Historical Commission, Frederica Burt Wyatt became Curator of the Kimble County Historical Museum and was Chairman of the Board for many years.  She was Chairman Emeritus at the time of her death, Oct. of 2021.  We gratefully acknowledge her many years of contributions to the Kimble County Historical Commission and Museum and her tireless efforts on behalf of historical preservation.

VISITOR COMMENTS:   October 22, 2019  Monte Monroe, Ph.D., Southwest Collections Archivist, State Historian:  "Kimble County Historical Museum is the best in Texas of its kind.  You should all be very proud!"

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